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The Legend of Chandidas and Rami: The Unsung Laila Majnu

The lore of Rami and Chandidas reached me through Jagjit Singh's mellifluous voice. Aahista Aahista plays in the backdrop of a 2BHK, lighting up not just the room but also the fuses of my brain.

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मस्जिद में देवी देवताओं की मूर्तियाँ

कुव्वत उल इस्लाम मस्जिद को 27 हिन्दू और जैन मंदिरों के मलबे से बनाया गया इसके ऐतिहासिक साक्ष्य भी मौजूद है लेकिन क्या इससे इस विरासत का मूल्य कम हो जाता है?

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Won at the Seas, Failed by Politics

The land and the ocean are separate places. When a man born on the land conquered the seas, he returned to witness defeat at the hand of cruel politics.

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A Shift from the Left

An active part of the freedom struggle who wrote insightful books on Communism and then made a shift to the Congress, Kumaramanglam was a leader with distinction.

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Strings for all Seasons

It isn't far from the truth to say that Violin is one of the most complicated instruments to master- Shankar however, born into a family of music prodigies, did it at a very young age and grew up to become the face of violinists in India.

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