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Delhi Cantt: Hauntings at the Cantonment

Delhiites have often heard the tale of a woman in white Sari seen near the Delhi Cantonment. Why is this locality considered haunted & what are the various horror stories associated with Delhi Cantt? Read ahead to find out!

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Life of Patil

How many of us characterise ourselves as someone as adventurous, someone who wants to leave behind everything and just travel the world? How many of us actually achieve it? It's no picnic leaving behind worldly pleasures but here is the tale of the first Asian woman who went 'around the world in 490 days way back in 1987 in a yacht.

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Just Do It

The exhilarating feeling you get after working hard on the field, pushing your body for another lap and the sense of victory of breaking your own best record- all make athletics a wonderful experience meant to be celebrated.

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Greater Rajasthan to Unification

Many big Rajputana States are merged with the USR, a union of smaller Rajputana states, on its road to becoming the Rajasthan state as we know it today.

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The child pioneer of women's medicine

The first Indian woman to attain a medical degree from foreign lands, with a stethoscope around her neck instead of the Mangal sutra and getting Queen Victoria’s blessings, Dr Anandi Joshi was a true pioneer.

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