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Unraveling the Secrets of Chunnamal and His Haveli

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a 168-year-old Haveli? Inhabiting the secrets of the past while making space for its future predecessors, Chunnamal ki Haveli is one of the most well-preserved Havelis of Delhi-6, where Lala Chunnamal's descendants continue to live the legacy of their ancestors. Let us unravel Chunnamal's life story and his Haveli.

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The Journey of Momocha to Momo

The luring scent of the steam, coupled with the first sight of the sheet of flour wrapped in a familiar pattern covering the mouth-watering filling when presented with the sizzling hot red chutney and mayonnaise, makes the perfect plate of momos any foodie ever craved. Let's know how the staple street food made its way into our hearts and menu.

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Musings of Tagore: The Bard of Bengal 

Weaving words into a symphonious whole that soothes the soul is magic known to bards. They sing from folly, anger, care, love and every emotion known to mankind. One such bard that continues to live in our hearts is Rabindranath Tagore. Let us walk through the lane of his mesmerising works. 

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Exploring Manto: The Other Side of Obscenity

We often hear that the pen is mightier than the sword, and writers should use wield this weapon to mirror the truth of their society. Sadat Hasan Manto attempted to do just that, but was often misunderstood. Today, his words are like gold mined from the depths of the vast literary ocean.

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Annabhau Sathe: The Voice of the Untouchables

The concept of untouchability is well-known. While contemporary times have simmered down the flames of this evil, the past was not so kind. Every school curriculum includes the names of Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Jyotiba Phule. However, one name that remains relatively unknown outside of Maharashtra is Anna Bhau Sathe. In this document, we will explore what made him so special.

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Of Morality Ladders and Villainous Snakes

The worldwide classic game of snakes and ladders is a source of everlasting joy. The excited squeal of climbing a ladder replaces the mournful sigh of becoming a snake's meal. The roller coaster ride is all about luck and numbers. But was it always the case? Let us go back in time to discover the roots of this board game.

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A Handful of Sunshine

The soft, mushy, jumbled mess of cells that resides inside our skull is an abode of our thoughts, experiences, perceptions and much more. Why do we dismiss the notion of taking care of our brain? Our mind also needs a sound environment to grow and glow, like any other part of our body.

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The Path to Mysticism

Traveling down the memory lanes of Medieval India has always been fun. With the increasing imperialism of Islamic rulers, the Indian subcontinent experienced the earliest forms of religious tolerance. The rise of Sufism is one such movement that brought in a lot of significant changes.

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Koh i Noor: The Jewel of the British Crown

The trail of tragedy, greed, and bloodshed caused by Koh-i-Noor ends on its final destination in the British heartland. But how did this happen? Let us embark on this journey to discover how the diamond was into adopted English tastes.

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Koh i Noor: The Trail of Misery and Bloodshed Begins

The most precious and coveted diamond of the Indian subcontinent still covers itself in mystery. No one knows its birthplace. But what we know is a series of conjectures trying to map out the story of Koh-i-Noor's origin. Let us dive into the thrilling journey of identifying this stone that opened the gates of wealth and misery for its owners.