Jambulingam Nadar: The Dacoit of Madras Presidency

The recent movie Pushpa has once again brought the aggressive protagonist of South Indian reel-life into the limelight. What runs common through stories like these is that most of the central characters are outlaws and at loggerheads with the authorities. How about a real-life story of one such outlaw aka dacoit, from the land of cult heroes like Rajnikanth and Mamooty?

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A Place Inscribed in Caves Coins and Nature

On a snug nook of the western ghats, a land cuddled with nature’s wonders and a trader’s toll booth of the Satavahanas awaits the trekkers and historians alike. Where miraculous water gushes out to salute the skies instead of paying homage to the ground, Naneghat is a unique mountain pass worth exploring.


Malabar Black Pepper: The Roman Black Gold

When Vasco da Gama first landed on the Malabar Coast, the already well-established Arab traders who were also fluent in Spanish, asked him the reason for his travel to this eastern coast. The prompt reply of da Gama as recorded by historians was - ‘Christians and Spices’. We can aptly rephrase the words of Christopher Marlowe in Dr Faustus for The Malabar Black Pepper as - ‘Was this the spice that launched a thousand ships…?’. So, let us trace and trail this peppery journey of the King of spices to different parts of the world.

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Serais: The Mediaeval Comforts for Travellers

Trade and commerce have always been tied up with travelling since ancient times. Much of the communication system in mediaeval India included the well-known routes through which traders and travellers gained access to far-away markets promoting the national and international exchange of merchandise.

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A Peasant Friendly Revenue Collection: Sher Shah Suri’s Reforms

Sher Shah’s reign was very short, yet he packed his governance with endeavours that registered historical acclaim. Among his relentless ventures for the safety, stability and prosperity of raiyat or common people, the land-revenue reform in the traditional system was one of the most notable ones.

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Part II - Literature that Crowns India

The story of Kashmir’s literature is a journey from Shaivism and Buddism infused in the Sanskrit poetry of great poets, to the advent of the doyens of the Persian language conceiving the unique blend of Sufism with the Shaivite culture in the Kashmiri language. Let us continue from where we left off in the first part with the advent of the Shah Mir dynasty.

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The Wealth of Health

We all have grown up listening to the slogan “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande”, and most of us have wondered about the significance of eggs. Well, the answer is the high amounts of protein found in eggs, which makes them a wholesome source of nutrients. So, National Protein Day is celebrated on February 27 to bring awareness to the essentiality of this macronutrient.

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A Taste of Blended Tehzeeb in Awadhi Murgh Korma

The Awadhi tehzeeb is a beautiful cultural blend of the Persian lifestyle with the Indian way of living. This reflects best in the aromatic cuisine relished by the Lucknowi people and has merged into the cuisine of every food lover across the world. Though the Awadhi menu boasts many rich and royal dishes, the Awadhi Murgh Korma has surpassed its popularity. So keep reading to taste the quaint cultural blends cooked in this sumptuous Korma.

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Awadhi Pasanda of the Shaukeens

They say, “the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well, it holds true for all Indians irrespective of gender, class and age! Isn’t it? We are often teased as people who live to eat rather than vice versa. Our keen sense for the right flavour, aroma and blend has invented many dishes and distinctive styles of cuisine enriching our heritage in food just like the Awadhi Pasanda. You must have heard of the common local adage – “Accha khaya nahi toh kya khak jiya?”