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Galouti Kebab: Kebab For A Toothless Nawab

Cooking for the royal families is an honour, but at the same time, it is a huge responsibility. From preparing the best dishes to using the best spices, the royal palate can be very demanding. But what happens when the royal chef finds a way to combine soft and succulent minced meat with one hundred and sixty spices to create a delicacy that would change food history?

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Following Through Hell And Heaven

The earliest known rendition of Savitri and Satyavan's tale is found in the Mahabharata's Vana Parva. The story was written in the epic Mahabharata as a narrative delivered by sage Markandeya. When Yudhishthira asked Markandeya if he has ever met a woman with the dedication of Draupadi, Markandeya answered with this tale.

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A Timeless Tale of Love From The Depths Of the Indian Subcontinent

Richard Bach once said, "True love stories never have endings." Reading a love tale is always wonderful, and the more you read, the more the love grows. The story of Nala and Damyanti is a love story that remains etched in the minds of the audience ever since it was first introduced to them.

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The Tale Of A Dreaded Daku

There were kings and paupers, police officers and robbers, and many other personalities roaming the streets of colonial India, waiting for someone to narrate their tale. While some of them survived, many of them also faded away into oblivion. Although many of the stories have been forgotten through time, one that has survived is that of the infamous Sultana Daku.

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A Climb To Remember

The mountain which had killed numerous of their kind. Mount Everest had finally been conquered by a humble Sherpa and his partner Edmund Hillary. A moment of pride for humanity as the highest peak stood beneath them.

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An Immortal Mughal Love Story

Here's a classic love story awaiting the gracious presence that will transcend you to the royal times of the Great Mughal family. While we all are aware of the beautiful love stories that trickle down from the royal chambers like Salim-Anarkali, Shah Jahan-Mumtaz, and Jehangir-Nur, little do we know about a love that remains hidden in the pages of history. This story defied all laws, bent all rules, and came out much more robust- the love story of Rana Dil and Dara Shikoh stays immortal.

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1857: A Love Story

1857 was the year when the Britishers faced the uncontrollable rage of the Indians. The main objects in action were guns, flatbread, and lotus flowers - these objects initiated the bloody rebellion. But little did these crimson pages of history know that this bloody battle would give rise to a love story that would be the epitome of bravery and sacrifice.

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Azizun Nisa: A Tawaif at Night, A Jasoos in Day

The war for independence that took place in 1857 unveiled the unstoppable and indestructible courage of freedom fighters who were ready to sacrifice everything for their motherland. But little does history remember of a dancing girl who lived a double life - a tawaif at night, a jasoos in the day.

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Umashankar Jethalal Joshi: A Touchstone For Literary Taste

“Drink (the cup of) beauty, Heart will, then, flow singing automatically.” Climbing up to Mount Abu, the highest peak in the Aravalli mountain range, Joshi watched the moon and its reflection in the Nakki Lake. The autumnal full moon and the lake inspired Joshi to compose his first-ever published poetry after a pleasant excursion to the mountaintop. After this trip, his pen never ceased to amaze the readers.

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Ruskin Bond: Tale Of A Storyteller

A favorite of an entire generation and beyond, Ruskin Bond and his imagination have never failed to keep a child hooked on his books like candy. His books are often reminiscent of his own childhood. Filled with mystic tunes of Mussoorie, his stories are a real treat for us.