A massive voter base needs awareness - National Voters Day
A reminder of the citizens' powers, rights, and duties
Proof of Democracy; Voters standing in a line to choose their representative; Source: TheWire.in; Public Domain

Celebrated on 25th Jan

Indian democracy rests on the principle of universal adult suffrage, i.e. every citizen above the age of 18 gets the right to cast their vote. The elections are guided by the Election Commission of India, and each state has its own Election Commission for State Assembly Elections as well. Such has been the practice since 1950, and it has been followed till date. In recent years, India has seen a boom of a younger populace uninitiated to the whole election process.

With the expanding eligible voter base in mind, the election commissions across the country decided to celebrate 25th January of each year as the National Voters’ Day starting from 2011 onwards. This was done because 25th January 1950 was the formation of the Election Commission of India as well, which is the body responsible for conducting the national elections in a free and fair manner without any sort of unethical intervention. A democracy as large as India requires heavy organisation behind its election.

The National Voters’ Day is hence used to encourage, facilitate and maximise the enrolment of new voters, and also to generate awareness amongst all voters.

Every year has a unique theme, like the 2020 theme being Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy.

Here, national awards for electoral practices are given to district and state level officers who smoothly conduct the elections and undertake recommended measures like IT initiatives, Security management etc. without any fail.

Chief Election Commissioners from various foreign countries are invited to witness and take inspiration as well as training from the ECI practices and programs. This is done to bolster ties internationally, serving as a soft power outlet as well.

In this manner, the National Voters’ Day becomes important for every voter. They are highly encouraged to look out for programs of awareness and brush up their knowledge on any electoral issue.

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