A Toast to Beer
On the first Friday of August each year, International Beer Day is celebrated across 6 continents. Since history began, humans' love for beer has never lessened and we’ve gone as far as to find an excuse to celebrate it worldwide today!
Celebrating International Beer Day; Image Source: HungryForever

Celebrated on First Friday of August

Imagine you’re in a Tolkien book, and you’re walking into taverns and inns after a long journey in the forests. The wooden chairs are chipped from every side, boots have been thrown aside and dim lanterns lit up the room. Men are loudly talking to each other without any bother that everyone can hear their so-called “private conversation". Well, you get the gist.

Now paint all over that thought, and imagine yourself walking the streets of any modern-day city. Be it Delhi, New York, London, Dublin, Tokyo, etc and it's late at night. Even though half of the city is asleep, it seems that most of the life has collected in corners of the avenues, with music blasting inside yet only heard as faded drum beats to the outsider’s ears. It’s the eve of the coming weekend.


The Clumsies in Athens, Greece; Image Source: 50 Best

Or imagine yourself inviting all your friends to watch a cricket match. You’re all tired after a long day of work and decide to just chill around. One of you topples over for their belly’s full yet the head feels funnier. Everyone begins to laugh….until your neighbours order you all to shush down.

What’s common between all these scenarios? Well, it’s the clanking of beer mugs or bottles of course! Beer has been finding its way as a popular beverage for the longest of times, and believe it or not, we have even dedicated an entire day to it since 2007!

An interesting fact to know is the recipe for beer is the oldest recipe discovered in human history (dated around 5000 BCE). Yet the ancient Mesopotamians around 10,000 BCE were probably the first brewers ever, for evidence has been discovered of their brewing. Even though mankind has thoroughly evolved since those days, their love for beer still stands tall.

International Beer Day was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California by Jesse Avshalomov. Bound to be celebrated on the 5th of August every year, its day changed to the first Friday of every August since 2012 after a poll. It's currently celebrated in 205 cities and 50 countries (including India)


Jesse Avshalomov- The Founder of International Beer Day; Image Source: GitHub

The aim of its inception was to unite people all across for their love of beer, appreciate the brewers and encourage trying various kinds of beer. Name a more enjoyable holiday, we dare you!

To give full justice to this day, various people plan activities related to beer. From happy hours at clubs, organizing beer trivia, toasting the bartenders to trying unusual styles of beer like the Oyster Stout, Gruit and Gose, people all across have a blast while chugging down glasses on this occasion. And hey, don’t forget to tip your staff generously!


Oyster Strout; Image Source: Eating isn't Cheating

Whether a hot summer’s day or a frosty winter night, one glass of beer can entirely change your mood. So give your favourite beverage some love today and remember to say “cheers!” to your friends, for it's internationally approved to do so!

The Clumsies in Athens, Greece; Image Source: 50 Best
Oyster Strout; Image Source: Eating isn't Cheating
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