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Fault in our genes?
Trained in dancing, her moves surgical, and face perfectly cut, Manushi is the Powerpuff Girls in one where her Chemical X is literally an elixir.
Careful of who you call ugly in College? Source: India TV

Born on 14th May 1997

More than often, we have a strange prejudice against people who are relatively more attractive. Since their physical features cannot be criticized, people nitpick their minds. However, what if someone was extremely attractive and intelligent as well?

Manushi Chillar, daughter to a Professor of neurochemistry and a scientist at DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) was truly favoured by her parents' gene pool as she got sugar,spice and everything nice!

She is also a trained dancer in Kuchipudi. Train your self-esteem to be destroyed.

Living in such an academic heavy household, the young Manushi would go on to top the CBSE result in English all over India with a whooping score of 96! That's not all, though, as she would clear the All India Pre Medical Test (NEET) in her very first attempt, talk about killing your self-esteem while looking for knowledge.

A viral image of her during her medical days circulated around the Internet after she won the Miss World 2017.

While she was still pursuing her career, a fortune's blessing occurred. She was selected for the Miss India Organization during her college fest. Crowned as one of the finalists of AIIMS, her path was just simply laid out from there on. Femina Miss India Haryana, and even representing Haryana in the annual Femina Miss India, Manushi would be crowned Miss photogenic in the competition.

The path to Miss World required her to win the Femina Miss India World 2017, which she did and went on to represent India in hopes of bagging the title for India.

In Miss World 2017, Manushi was the semi-finalist and finalist of many titles, but there was one which is worth noting. The Beauty with a Purpose competition. As the name suggests, a project was to be created in order to participate. Her project was the Project Shakti, which was implemented to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene. Treating over 5000 women in 20 villages, her project would also be one of her any campaigns for women empowerment and care among various others which she would be a part of in the future.

“Which profession should receive the highest salary in the world?”
"My mother has been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers, they just sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I believe the profession which deserves the highest salary, respect and love should be of a mother.”

This answer was the nail in the coffin for the title. Out of all the contestants, this answer ringed all the right bells with the judges, and she was chosen. The fourth one for India, Manushi's life went full switch from then on. Her campaign was now funded by the government, people knew her and her status went up to the celebrity level. Taking advantage of all this she began her campaign full swing and still continues to do so along with various other altruistic projects.

She is yet to star in the upcoming Prithviraj, YRF's most ambitious project till date. Seems like her life still has yet to reach full potential!

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I do not like writing really, but somehow I am always writing everywhere, like Sisyphus I tire myself out only to find myself in the same spot, a blank page.

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