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It's never a high time, but always the right time to turn exclusivity into inclusivity. Today is the day to celebrate those who are just like us, who are us and are gifted with a rather beautiful language that doesn't need words but just signs to deliver every human emotion.
International Day for Sign Language; Image Source: CMUSE.org

Observed on 23rd September

Although some things of this mysterious universe are not in the hand of humans including self, yet in our society, every person is insecure about one or the other things and are found dealing with it every day. Be it someone's perfect body goals or indifferent facial features, good social life, or lavish dreams, there seems to be a lack of something in everything. But, imagine a life where you have no means to even communicate yourself to the world outside or hear your loved ones. A life where you are made insecure or indifferent about yourself while already suffering from it.

This is where the sign language came as the guiding light in the life of these people who were once shut in their own confusing world as they struggled to hear out what the world had for them. Like many other languages that we humans use to communicate with, for people who are deaf it was the sign language that allowed them to come out of this restricted world.

Even though we prefer to call them disabled, it is only them who have abled this imperfect world to find something in everything and accept it just the way it is. They have taught humankind to always move ahead with an unmatchable zest to live a life that doesn't need any external feature to be outshined. If this isn't a perfect sign then what it is??

Interestingly these sign languages have developed into their own form of natural language and are particularly used by people who are disabled by hearing ability. Hence a day like The International Day of Sign Languages offers an environment to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of this community that is NOT limited to their physical features. It is even more interesting to know that this day aims to promote the use of these signs at a global level, something that would not have been possible if people with disabilities hadn't pushed themselves to the limit.

UN reports — "According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are approximately 72 million deaf people worldwide. More than 80% of them live in developing countries. Collectively, they use more than 300 different sign languages"

Observed by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness of the role that sign language plays in achieving human rights for people who are deaf, it purposely aligns all pillars of the UN i.e peace and security, human rights, and development. With this strategy, it has never been a dull day for anyone who is shut within their confusing world and rather makes an enduring and transformative environment for disability inclusion.

Hence, 23rd September is not just a day that comes every year but it brings a chance to celebrate the life of people who were made to feel indifferent for they couldn't hear or speak due to some physical disability. For them, Sign language is not just a communication medium but a way to connect with themselves and the world out there.

Surely, there's no other way to achieve it, as everyone has just one life, and it shouldn't be wasted on something that is not in your hands but definitely achievable with the same hands. Ultimately, we are the only ones who can be our own guiding light.

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