Official Beanfest of The Previous Batch of The School of Languages, 2021
Mile sur mera tumhara, toh sur bane humara...' - The rhythm can be selfsame, but the lingo swings. This International Translation Day, let us all take a moment to recognize our language experts, and their efforts amidst unplumbed perseverance, to break this barrier and emerge as a union of consolidation.
A day to pay homage to our human Google Translators; Image Source: YouTube

Observed on 30th September

The honeyed 'amrita' our world bears are in the guise of contrasting dialects, blooming at every neck of the wood like exquisite florets. They might range in tints, but are allied by their terrene, historical inclusion. However, English transpired to be the rose. No matter how eloquent you sound while speaking your mother tongue, we get tied down with what our seniors enlist as the prerequisite, which with time, becomes a symbol of your sophistication and a supreme status. If your expertise touches the peak of the proficiency level, you are marked as a favourite, rather than the ones stammering, or trying hard to salvage their primordial tongue.

Linguistic experts across the globe, from local to international institutions, have joined hands to increase the parity between languages, especially the indigenous ones, who are threatened by the devils of extinction.

Resolution 71/288 was passed by the United Nations General Assembly, classifying September 30 as the International Translation Day, to recognize the laborious attempts of our translators, interpreters- the unsung warriors. It was signed by Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Vietnam. The pillars of this resolution are, International Federation of Translators, International Association of Conference Interpreters, International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters, etc.

September 30 is cherry-picked to commemorate the death anniversary of St. Jerome*, the appraised saint of the translators. His contribution to the world heritage, as *the translator of the Bible, is still considered as one of the noblest. International Federation of Translators (1953) proposed the objective of recognizing a day of our calendar as the Translation Day in 1991, to acknowledge and compliment the works of the translators and encourage this profession globally, otherwise how many of you will ever get the push to pursue your dreams as a linguistic negotiator?

The patron of the translators. Image Source: ThoughtCo

The vocation to be a lingo genius calls for the flair one possess as an expert negotiator in the fields of science, international laws and affairs, technology, business and others. It paves the way for a peaceful, cultural amalgamation, so that every individual can benefit as a whole, as one society, with a blissful vision to make this world a better place.

The theme of 2021 is United in Translation. The events of the day are enlisted in debates, seminars, discussions, colloquia, conferences across different nations. The language professionals, chiefly, share their ideas of how a common line can be drawn between this polarity, to ensure stability and understanding among each other.

Our mother tongue is the bridge connecting us with the cultural heritage we wear a badge of - in dignity and pride. The language, which gets us a giveaway to express ourselves in the most candid manner; we should all vow together to preserve it, to respect, and embrace it as our uniqueness, our identity.

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