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Penning Down Legends And Thoughts
From writing amazing books to participating in the freedom struggle of the nation, a man so versatile in nature yet so simple in his ways. Born on 9th August in 1909, he indeed changed the way people read and perceive literature.
Sayyid Ahmedullah Qadri; Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Born on 9th August 1909

A white Nehru hat sitting on his head, grandpa spectacle resting on his nose, a white kurta adorning his frail body, he walks with an aura of confidence surrounding him. A simple attire with extraordinary thinking power, Sayyid Ahmedullah Qadri penned down his thoughts in such a manner that it almost captivates anyone who reads it.

Born on this day in 1909, the Hyderabad State welcomed this amazing child with open arms. Hailing from the house of Shamshullah Qadri who was an equally famous writer, Sayyid was introduced to the famous literary circles at quite an early age. He was the eldest son of Shamshullah and Mahboob with two younger brothers following him.

Following in the footsteps of his father who was a famous author and the First Researcher of Deccaniyat, Ahmed too became the first Journalist of Hyderabad State and also possessed the courage to write in favour of one nation theory in Urdu News Daily Saltanat.

The then-famous newspaper of Saltanat was also founded by none other than Sayyid himself. Apart from that, he also wrote for two other newspapers called Paisa Akhbar and Tarikh PublicationsTarikh Publications was also founded by his father in 1929.

Though penning down his thoughts was something that he loved to indulge in, Sayyid also made sure to try out other fields as well. He decided to join politics and became a member of the Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Council and chairman of the Andhra Pradesh state Hajj Committee.

Some of his works like Memoirs of Chand Bibi, Jawahar Nama, Hind Nama, and many others caught the attention of the readers. Impressed by Sayyid’s work in literature and education, even the Government of India could not stop itself from awarding him one of the most prestigious civilian awards, Padma Shri in 1966.

Holding numerous pivotal positions throughout his life, Qadri decided to jump into the untouched waters of education. Appointed as the President of Lutfuddaulah Oriental Research Institute, he made sure to contribute richly to the students of this institute.

Being an expert journalist from the very beginning of his career, Ahmedullah easily got the position of the president of Hyderabad Journalist Association and later on also became a member of the State Library Council.

From winning people’s hearts through his beautiful books to helping India in its freedom struggle, from winning the Padma Shri to writing thought-provoking articles for various newspapers, Qadri made sure to empty his knowledge tank to share it with as many people as he could. Living an eventful life for 76 years, he went on to walk on life’s last path- the path to peace and solitude, the path to death.

Priyanka Rout Author
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