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The brave heart of Haryana- Rao Tula Ram
If you've lived in Delhi for a long time or travelled to Delhi extensively, you must be familiar with a Marg by this name- Rao Tula Ram Marg. If you're clueless about this person's contribution to Indian history, it's time to learn about him.
The Chieftain of Rewari- Rao Tula Ram; Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Passed away on 23rd September 1863

History is full of wars, heroic battles, chieftains, and the soldiers who won them. But here's the thing about having so many significant people and events- someone is always forgotten. Rao Tula Ram happens to be one of those unsung, almost forgotten heroes who led a rebellion against the British in 1857.

Warrior spirit flowed through his blood. After all, he belonged to the Ahir clan and was the Chieftain of Rewari. Like all great rulers, he took the mantle of Rampura at the age of 14.

When the sepoy mutiny had sparked a fire for overthrowing the British, Rao Tula Ram led a fierce battle in Haryana. He, along with his cousin- Rao Gopal Dev, and an army of 5000 soldiers, gained control of the government buildings in Rewari. While urging people back home to make arms and ammunition and participate bravely in the rebellion, he aided Emperor Bahadur Shah and all those who were a part of the mutiny in Delhi.

Despite his best efforts, Delhi fell into the hands of the British. When Tula Ram realized that the British would be coming for him, he gathered his men and escaped the Rampur fort. Thus, when the enemy arrived, they found an empty complex.

Naturally, the British were disgruntled to find out that Tula Ram evaded defeat. They sent a messenger to Tula Ram asking him to surrender, but the warrior refused to bow down and launched a surprise attack on the British who were resting at Nasibpur.

Even though the opposition was startled by this attack and Rao Tula Ram's forces had an upper hand, it was difficult to resist the British for too long because almost all Indian Princely States had begun falling to the British like dominoes.

When the Rajput kings took sides with the enemy, Tula ram joined forces with Tatya Tope. But after facing defeat in the battle of Sikar, Rao Tula Ram fled the country to seek help from the Shah of Iran, Dost Muhammad Khan, and Alexander II.
However, while he was out there garnering support, he contracted a fatal illness that spread throughout his body. Unfortunately, he never got to leave Afghanistan. He died at mere 38 years of age on 23 September 1863.

Even though Rao Tula Ram's contributions are mentioned in a single line in textbooks, it is time to acknowledge his efforts in the Mutiny of 1857 and his vision that extended far beyond the confines of his motherland.

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