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The Eternal Doom - 100 Years and More
For 100 years the British have been ruling over the subcontinent. After Plassey, Indians again took to arms in the hope of freedom. Much was at stake. Will the doom of 100 years begun again or will history turn aside in its sleep and India would become a free country?

Happened on 23rd June 1857

It has been a hundred years since my ancestors stood on the land of Bengal to fight these wicked firangis. They stood their ground at Plassey against the foreign regime who had come to our beautiful land with ill-intentions in their mind. Unfortunately, they lost.

Their loss has shown us this day, today. It has been a hundred years of foreign atrocious rule. Little by little, they are trying to erase our culture and heritage and impose on us their ways of life. Moment after moment they have insulted and humiliated us, calling us backward and orthodox. Step by step, they have made our lands theirs.

We are now but just another colony in the world. We are less Indians and more Britishers. I was born and brought up in this colony. I grew up hearing my grandfather's tales of a free country when Badshah used to rule over everyone and all was in peace. Then, one day, metal monsters appeared on the seashore and they gobbled everything that came on their way!

But now we have had enough! The Bengal's Nawab had run with his tail between his legs. He had let our country slip into foreign hands. It was time for us to take it back. It is shameful to admit that the military encounter for such a momentous event and dramatic consequences was quite unimpressive. But now we will show them what Indians can truly do. A hundred years late but freedom will be achieved.

Cawnpore was burning with sniper fire and bombs. This day was nothing different. Only that we knew its significance. We all knew about the prophecy. The great saints had predicted that India will win over the East India Company exactly a hundred years after the Battle of Plassey. The Company will fall and we will no longer be the citizens of a colony.

As the hope in the air was rising every minute, freedom felt near. We were confident about all our moves. Everything was only leading to victory. We made a plan and Nana Sahib gave the signal. A major incursion was about to fall on the British heads now.

Our cavalry slowly made its way to the British camp. They had reached in the vicinity of the British camp - some 50 yards away. Suddenly a canister shot hit us from above. The formation was broken but courage didn't leave us. Gods were with us today so nothing could draw us back.

When the horses failed, we, the infantry began our march. From behind the cotton bales and parapet we advanced towards the British lines. With every step, their end felt near. But the tide turned quickly! Our commander Radhey Singh was continuously encouraging us to move ahead. I looked at him. My heart was filled with different courage.

Suddenly, the British opened their first volley. I saw Radhey Singh collapse when a bullet hit him. He fell on the ground forever. Everything had started turning against our expectations. Where was God? Weren't we supposed to win this battle? The canister shots had ignited the cotton bales that we were using for our protection. Everywhere our men were falling. The prophecy was wrong. The world is a cruel place.

Injured and broken I crawled to the other side of the trench. Some of our men were fighting against some 17 Britishers in a hand to hand combat. We lost everywhere by evening. Most of our soldiers were dead while the British units stood intact! We had lost. The prophecies had failed. Our world was crumbling down. There was nothing for us anymore. We were doomed. We were doomed to be the citizens of a slave country. Our fates, our children's fates were sealed to be written in black inks. Even our Gods have failed in front of these monsters!

Vaishnavi Sharma Author
I am dedicated, inquisitive, and eager to learn new things. I love to explore myself more and more so that I can work with a proactive mindset and a positive attitude to all tasks I undertake. I view stress as a natural part of our daily work, and I find that if we manage stress well, it has a positive effect on the work we do.

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