The Second Speaker
MA Ayyangar, the second speaker of the Lok Sabha, passed away today in 1978. His tenure would be best known for its discipline, equality of speaking opportunities and a general smoothness to functioning.
MA Ayyangar; Source: Public Domain

Died on 19th March 1978

Remaining a parliamentarian for long, this person will be long remembered for his actions and contributions as a speaker of the Lok Sabha, a post which he held for the second time since its creation in Independent India. His views were neutral, and his approach balanced, and he would become a favourite among all government and opposition MPs in the house - this was MA Ayyangar.

Born in 1891, he would begin his professional life as a teacher and then a lawyer - he was particularly successful in the latter, on account of memorizing case laws and being always present with the correct answer back.

His involvement in the Non Cooperation movement would become the end of his legal career, but it just kicked off his political one.

He was drawn to the Congress party in his native state of Andhra Pradesh. Becoming the top ranking Secretary in the Parliament of the state by 1946, he would serve to fine tune many aspects of debating, question - answering and other aspects of being a parliamentarian.

His big opportunity came in 1952 as the first Lok Sabha was constituted. He took charge as a Deputy Speaker of the house, and when Mavalankar suffered an untimely death in 1956, he would also become the Second Speaker of the Assembly.

It is here that his legacy really comes to life. Ayyangar would attempt to be as unbiased in his approach towards parliamentarians as possible, which made him well liked in all the sections of the house. Since there was no official leader of the Opposition during that time, it was his job to ensure that the limited opposition still finds its voice on various political matters and issues of state.

Rulings, observations and comments - his tenure as a speaker would be marked by absolute decorum and an equal opportunity to speak. He would pass away on the 19th of March, 1978.

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