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The state of serenity, serendipity, and snow
The de-facto holiday and weekend destination of the north, Himachal Pradesh was granted full statehood today in 1971
The State of Snow Cover; Source: ThisDay by Ekank

Granted Statehood on 25th Jan 1971

For long, Himachal Pradesh was formerly called the Punjab hills as the Rajas of the Sikh Empire had held control of this region after the Mughals and the regional states had been destroyed. But taken over by the English, this region would develop its own identity, its own kingdoms would once again revive themselves under English patronage, and would lead to the eventual demand and formation of a separate state of Himachal Pradesh, on the 25th of January, 1971.

Under the English, this region had witnessed a large scale development. Since the mountains had been nearly impenetrable except a few passes, the region had been largely ignored except for trade under previous regimes. The English found climates suited to their needs, and many Princely states like Kangra, Nurpur, Guler, Mandi and Bilaspur to name a few, to be very willing to be subservient when threatened with force.

The Indian army would henceforth have a big garrison in Shimla, to counter the Nepalese threat, and by the late 19th-early 20th century, these hill stations had been solidified as English and princely cultural, military and winter-political centres as well.

It's either Himachal or Goa, nothing in between; Source: Times of India

Therefore, when India became independent in 1947, there was a heavy demand to keep the hill states separate from Punjab. To this end came the establishment of the Himachal Pradesh Union Territory by 1956. This was still ruled by the centre, and eventually, lands of Shimla, Kangra, Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti, and many districts from erstwhile Punjab were combined with the already-combined Bilaspur, and the 28 hill states of the more northern regions. By 1966, the regional borders of what is today Himachal Pradesh were complete.

The formal announcement of full statehood came by December 1970, and on the 25th of January, 1971, the state which has the cover of the snow - Himachal, was officially established.

The Himachal Pradesh government is currently in the process of acquiring GI-tags or unique identification markers for Karsog Kulth, Chamba Metal Crafts, Thangi of Pangi, Rajmah of Bharmour, and Chamba Chukh.
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