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Traveler of Urdu literature
First-born of an aristocratic family, and the first-ever doctorate holder of the Urdu poetry of Allama Iqbal, Rafiq Husain had a knack for Literature, even attaining a gold medal from Allahabad University.
Syed Rafiq Hussain; Source:

Born on 14th May 1913

A poet hunter, Syed Rafiq Hussain is a well-known Urdu writer, poet, and critic from India. He was the jewel of literature. Hussain's writings were free from any political ideology, neither socialist nor Marxist. Most of his writings revolve around animals and their tendencies - The Mirror Of Wonders And Other Tales.

The Academia and educationist Rafiq was born in Uttar Pradesh on 14 May 1913. This UP man earned praise and acclaim in his lifetime, not only in Urdu but English as well. While pursuing graduation, Rafiq received a gold medal in English Literature.

In Rafiq's professional career, he held several positions including Registrar of Co-operative Societies, that of a Lecturer in Allahabad University, Chairman of Allahabad University Delegacy, and Head of Urdu Department. He was a real gem of the world of literature.

In R. Hussain's autobiography, he described his childhood; his mother died when he was just a seven-year-old child. Rafiq was dependent on his relatives for everything; it was tumultuous. He proved that being in an aristocratic family isn't an excuse to not work hard.

This famous writer faced many ups and downs during his education, but his hard work helped him climb the stairs of success. He left his home and started earning from a part-time job.

You would be surprised to know that Rafiq was not a keen reader of Urdu, nor did he write clear and pious Urdu. His daughter edited and improved his Urdu prose. It is said that by the age of 40, the number of English novels and stories he had read was more than 2000.

In 1948, Hussain married Husnara Begum, and the two love birds had a huge family of six children.

From a half-hearted reader of Urdu to a PhD holder in Urdu poetry, only talented people can perform such a miracle.
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