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When Kashmir Bled for its Daughter
A small three-year-old girl had been subject to something unimaginable. She was a victim of rape. Protestors all around the world flooded to demand a stern punishment for the accused animal
People take to the streets to protest against the rape of a 3 year old child; Source: The Associated Press

Happened on 14th May 2019

A childhood that was as beautiful as the lush green valleys of Kashmir. Her giggles were untamed like the snow-clad mountains that surrounded the region. Days spent playing hide and seek behind the willow trees were her happiest times. Suddenly her world came to a halt. A man more vicious than the cruellest of devils came and put an end to everything. She, a 3-year-old girl from Kashmir’s Bandipora district was raped.

If you reside in India and read a newspaper daily, there will be at least a page every day which will have a headline detailing harassment, abuse, violation, or rape against women. From 8-month-olds to a 97-year-old woman, no one is spared. While the newspapers can only put an outline to the events, the shrieks and pains of those victims and survivors often vanish into thin air. People move on until another such heinous crime is reported. This horrific cycle of violence is never-ending.

In May 2019, while Kashmir was decking up for Iftar celebrations, a little girl and her family were unaware of what was to come.

A man, whose age has been disputed between 20 to 27, lured her with candies and then abducted her. He took her to a nearby place and led the beastly attack and raped her.

She, who has only seen the world for 3 years was unaware of such unimaginable horrors. The little girl was left shaking and writhing in pain. She told her family afterward what happened and soon after that, the valley erupted with mass protests.

The anger of the people was visible as they started taking to the streets.

On 14th May 2019, Kashmir which has already been a hotspot for previous disruptions again rose up in rage and disgust. Widespread protests were seen and people called for the accused to be hanged immediately.

Central and Northern Kashmir was not going to sit idly as they raised placards and banners. Daily life came to a stop as schools and shops were closed down. Public transportation was also disrupted as protesters sat on the road for long hours and demanded zero leniency to the accused.

While religious leaders and government officials all shared their respective statements and assured justice, the public was not going to be fooled. Residents knew how bribery often takes place behind the bars and thus their anger was not to be doused. The valley which has already been a part of many protests in the past was boiling again.

The country which sheds tears every time one such crime is reported was witnessing unreported crimes somewhere else in some far corners of the nation. 88 rape cases have been reported in 2019 alone and the numbers seem to increase with each passing year. This is a country that worships countless female deities but fails to protect its daughters every single time. India, the land known for its harmony and unity, is no place for women.

Kaushiky Hazra Author
Last seen on ThisDay, quite some time ago.

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