Scrumptious Day Of Bonding

“One of the best days of valentine’s day. Add a little sweetness to your relationship by sharing and caring for your loved ones. Irrespective of age, spread some love through sweetness by sharing chocolates. The day can get much better if you receive chocolates from your dear ones.”
Chocolate Day in Medieval Times; Image Source: Midjourney AI

Chocolate Day in Medieval Times; Image Source: Midjourney AI

Chocolates have always been a mood uplifter no matter how you are feeling. When Valentine’s week is around the corner, which day would be the best one? Of course, it should be the chocolate day. Though valentine’s day is celebrated all around the country with great enthusiasm it's not hidden that it follows with a series of days for a week. Out of those one is the chocolate day.

On February 9, the third day of valentines week is celebrated as chocolate day. And it is surprising to see that people of all age groups in India share chocolate; let it be small kids, teens or young lovers, or cute old couples. It is found that when a person is stressed out they usually prefer chocolate. It's been said that the more the amount of cocoa gets into our body, the more our brain relaxes.

It is quite surprising to see that people celebrate the chocolate day on Feb 9 with great fervour than on July 7 which is World Chocolate Day. Well, it is all because people use chocolates to express their love. Chocolates have always been known for their antioxidant properties and their ability to elevate our mood.

World Chocolate Day is the yearly celebration of chocolate. Most appropriately the day when chocolate was discovered in Europe in 1550.

It has been said that dark chocolate made up of the seed of cocoa is very nutritious for our health. But it should always be consumed in moderate amounts as an overdose of anything is harmful.

Dark chocolates include a great variety of antioxidants in them which helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals or in simpler terms, it reduces the damage done to our body by these harmful free radicals by oxidation.

Dark chocolates mostly contain 50- 90% of cocoa which improves the flow of blood in the arteries and helps to decrease the blood pressure in a very little amount. Studies have found that it also decreases the risk of heart disease among the ones who consume chocolate often.

Flavanols from cocoa also improve the blood flow to the skin and protect it from sun damage and it also helps the brain to work more efficiently by increasing the blood flow. In fact, you can find plenty of people who get more creative while consuming chocolates when they feel they are not getting unique ideas.

Even in schools, we get to see that the children share chocolates with their friends. The history of chocolate day which is celebrated on valentines week goes back to 1861, when the 1st box of heart-shaped chocolates was made by Richard Cadbury decorated with all the symbols of romance like rosebuds and cupids which are still popular to date.

The tradition which started long back ago is still followed to date only because of the love that persists in this world.

People always show their love on one or different days but in this week of valentine, people take this as a great opportunity to make their special people feel more important and loved.

The week is not about couples only, this is all about love. We can use it to profess our love towards our parents as well.

Its been seen that a lot of single people stay low in this week avoiding couples mostly. But that shouldn't be the case. The most wonderful thing in the world is chocolate; might not be the most but it is a wonderful thing which one can always enjoy irrespective of time. There is a hell of a lot of activities in which a single person can indulge himself/herself into. Like treating themselves with their favourite chocolate and it is also a form of self-love when you are pampering yourself. Another could be baking something of a chocolate flavour as cooking or baking can always divert your mind and can make you focus on one single thing. Though the entire week is all about love, it should never mean that you need a partner for that. You can always spend time with your parents, friends, and siblings.

Life is very uncertain, to be honest, and another truth is- life is very short.

One such story is of brave Major Satish Dhaiya. He was from the 13 Rashtra rifles regiment and was posted in Jammu and Kashmir. He was martyred while fighting with the militants. He had been saying to his wife that she would receive a surprise from him. But little did she know that the surprise will change her entire life shocking her to the core. Just a few moments after receiving gifts of valentines day from her husband with a card, she received the news that her husband bid goodbye to this world and will never be there to either send her gift on valentines day neither she will ever have his presence near her.


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