The Curious Case of Gaurav Tiwari

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you frightened easily? A believer or not, here is Gaurav Tiwari's life story, spent chasing ghosts and aliens.
Catching Ghosts and Spirits; Image Source: India Today

Catching Ghosts and Spirits; Image Source: India Today

Are ghosts real? Did I just see something unearthly? Why do I feel someone is following me when there is no one on the road? Agree or not, these are some of the questions most of us have grappled with within our life. Whether you are a hard-core realist or someone who binge-watches Scary Mysteries, Top 5 Unknown and Chills, you have got to have heard one or more spooky stories from your friends and families or might have yourself experienced the same. While science may dismiss such things as utter nonsense and baloney, there are still many who swear by ghosts and would chant the name of some hundred gods when struck by unseen forces. One such lad from Patna was Gaurav Tiwari whose majority of life was spent chasing ghosts and spirits and performing cleansing or exorcism.

Born on 2nd September 1984, Gaurav’s life was going to take a surprising turn when he went to the USA to pursue a career in aviation. While the gods did not favour his wanted career, the spirits surely decided to make an appearance as Tiwari reportedly saw the apparition of a girl in his hotel room in Texas.

It was his first sighting of any paranormal activity and very soon he did a Certified Paranormal Investigator Course in the US, and then took a trip around 80 locations as a ghost-buster.

A believer in alien abductions, UFO sightings and haunted events, Gaurav adamantly pursued his ghosts and even created a paranormal investigation team that solved and unravelled some age-old mysteries.

What you fear! We Chase!” says the homepage of the website founded by Tiwari. A definitely spooky and catchy phrase, Gaurav established the Indian Paranormal Society and founded the website for the same.

The man, also a reverend of the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science had even appeared in television shows such as Fear Files: Darr Ki Sachhi Tasvirein, Bhoot Aaya and had become quite popular with his investigation skills.

Not just the mere capability of seeing spirits, Tiwari also used science and advanced technology to detect these occurrences and was hence regarded highly for his abilities. However, the most spooky and ghostly event was Gaurav’s life itself when he was found dead due to asphyxiation on a pretty ordinary day on 7th July 2016.

It was just another day and Gaurav was even found checking his mails a few minutes earlier. Around 11 am, his family members heard a loud crash and on breaking the door, they found Gaurav lying dead on the bathroom floor with a mysterious black line on his neck. While some claim it was a heart attack and others think of it as a suicide due to failing projects, paranormal believers have labelled it as an act of vengeful spirits. His father has claimed that Gaurav was struggling with some negative force for months and unfortunately so, his life also came to a tragic end. Whether you are a believer or not, his death remains a heart-breaking incident and at the same time, is a case of spine-chilling horror.


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