The Journey of Momocha to Momo

The luring scent of the steam, coupled with the first sight of the sheet of flour wrapped in a familiar pattern covering the mouth-watering filling when presented with the sizzling hot red chutney and mayonnaise, makes the perfect plate of momos any foodie ever craved. Let's know how the staple street food made its way into our hearts and menu.
history of momos

History of Momos. Illustrated by Dishani Goswami: Visual Storyteller at ThisDay

There's no end to gushing over the marvellous taste of momos. Every Delhite is committed to the cause of consuming momos regularly, by heart. While we all indulge in this heavenly deliciousness, not many of us know its history.

The origin of the dish continues to be obscure. Both Nepal and Tibet compete to claim the invention of momos. The most common theory believes that momos were inspired by the Tibetan dumplings. When the Newari merchants of Nepal went to Tibet for trade, they adopted and re-invented the dumplings with their unique indigenous twist.

Nepal traces the birth of momos back to the 14th century. The locals knew it as Momocha, which explains the modern version of momo. Though the debate continues, momos have permeated the menus of many neighbouring nations in different styles and names.

Similarly, the same Newari merchants also brought the revered recipe of momos to India. But a closer look tells us that the immigration of Tibetan refugees in the 1960s commercialised the recipe, especially in Delhi. Making and selling momos became the easiest and quickest way of rehabilitation for the refugees back then, and the trend goes on.

That explains why Majnu ka Tilla (MKT) and Dolma Aunty are some of the best and mind-blowing momo hotspots in the capital.

Over time, Delhi has also witnessed the evolution of this dish, offering a plethora of new items. Today, we have every type of momo one could imagine. From steamed, fried, afghani, kurkure, tandoori, gravy, and Manchurian, to any new unexplored style, momos reside in our hearts rent-free. Available to suit the taste palate of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, momos are prepared in a variety of meats, including paneer.

Now that this story has activated your memory of having a sumptuous plate of momos. Hurry and grab your favourite momos soon!

The never-ending love for momos it is; Image Source- Femina

The never-ending love for momos it is; Image Source- Femina


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